The Credit & Surety team has been established with the same client service principles as PIB – to provide independent, client-centric, service focussed facilities for our clients. The team has knowledgeable individuals with many years’ experience in structuring and placing polices for SME businesses through to Global Corporations as well as Banks and Financial Institutions, across a wide range of sectors and markets.

We meet with and listen to our clients and work with them to truly understand their business, their needs and requirements and ensure their insurance program has continuous maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Members of the Trade Credit & Surety team have also previously been purchasers of Credit Insurance. As ex-policyholders, we believe we can place ourselves in our clients’ shoes and understand better the issues and solutions required.

We also provide audit and credit management advice for clients and their staff. We are pro-active members of the British Exporters Association (BEXA) - promoting and representing our clients’ interests in the export community, with a particular focus on Trade Finance and Credit Insurance.


What does it do?

It’s an inescapable truth that payment risk can come up at any time and from anywhere and it’s usually too late to do anything about it when it starts.  You can protect your trade receivables, securing cashflow, strengthening your balance sheet and tightening credit control.

  • For most SME’s their major concern is getting the cash in through the door.
  • Larger businesses seek to increase sales and grow the business without exposing the balance sheet to increased risk.
  • Banks seek to protect against the failure or non-payment of the obligor in respect of trade and non-trade finance facilities and look for credit risk mitigation to improve and enhance financial solutions.

Trade Credit Insurance provides the structure to help you achieve all of this, and the support if it fails.  This gives you the confidence to expand sales, take on new markets and grow your exports safe in the knowledge that the debtor’s creditworthiness has been checked quickly and efficiently to ensure their ability to pay.  It won’t change a bad risk into a good one, but it will prevent a good risk becoming bad.

How does it help me?

The benefits Trade Credit Insurance bring you can include:

  • Improved access to finance
  • Improved cashflow and reduced DSO
  • Removes the impact of unexpected bad debts and the impact on profit
  • Enhanced credit management
  • Reduced bad debt provisions
  • Assistance in collection of monies due
  • Cover for Political Risks

How does it work?

Policy structures range from simple covers for SME’s with minimal administration and “automatic” cover at a fixed price, to larger “excess of loss” programs with non-cancellable limits ensuring continued protection.  Syndicates in Lloyds and other insurers will also support single risks to the more “challenging” export markets, allowing you the opportunity to exploit lucrative avenues for growth without exposure to significant risk.  You establish credit limits for all debtors with whom you trade or intend to trade on credit terms based on anticipated exposure.  If the debtor goes bust without paying you make a claim.

Product Suite

  • Whole Turnover
  • Excess of Loss
  • Top Account
  • Top-Up
  • Contract Frustration
  • Single Situation
  • Non-Honouring of LC’s
  • Political Risks
  • Project Finance/Lenders Interest


Commercial landlords are continually looking to secure financial certainty and an increased level of security for themselves, stakeholders and finance banks.

A Tenant Default policy will protect the landlord against the non-payment of rental income due to either the insolvency or protracted default of their commercial tenants.

Aimed at mid to large sized commercial landlords in the UK and mainland Europe, this will cover up to 12 month’s rental payments and future payments that will not be collected due to the failure of the tenant, with a six-month window beyond the policy period in which rent can be claimed.

What are the benefits?

  • Full claim eligible for payment immediately.
  • Claim payment made in whole
  • Non-cancellable credit limits.
  • Banks, financiers and lenders can be included
  • Policy is portable in the event of a sale of property


In the construction sector, many contractors and sub-contractors rely on their bank to provide bonds and guarantees to give third party protection to beneficiaries against loss or damage suffered as a result of breach of contractual obligations.  Unfortunately, banks require 100% collateral and reduce the contractor’s facilities in order to provide these, restricting the contractor through reduced working capital.  In many cases we are able to place surety bonds without these restrictions.

The types of Bond we can arrange include:

Contract Bonds

A contract bond is a guarantee issued by a third party in support of an underlying contract.  The parties to a contract bond are the contractor, the employer (such as a main contractor or public body) and the guarantor – the surety.  These can include Bid, Advance Payment, Performance or Retention Bonds.

Deferred Consideration Bonds

A landowner may be willing to sell land to a house builder or property developer on deferred payment terms. To give the landowner comfort, a deferred consideration bond can be arranged that will guarantee payment of instalments in the event that the builder or developer defaults.  This frees up the finances of the builder or developer and gives peace of mind to the seller of land.

Road and Sewer Bonds

Road and sewer bonds provide a guarantee on behalf of a house builder or property developer that they will complete the roads and sewers to the required standard and within a defined time-frame to enable them to be adopted by the appropriate authority under the relevant Acts.

Outside construction, there are other situations where bonds are required:

HMRC/Customs and Excise Bonds

The posting of a duty deferment bond or movement guarantee with HM Revenue & Customs allows companies to import and distribute goods prior to payment of duty, thereby freeing their cash flow.

Environment Agency Bonds

A common requirement relating to the operation of landfill sites, in order to fulfil legal obligations under various statutes, a contractor may be required to place a bond in favour of The Environment Agency.


Our role as a specialist broker is to advise you of the best options available to meet your needs and to ensure efficient operation of the policy from inception.

With our experience, we are able to provide support and advice for your requirements.  We will work with you to identify your needs, arrange a solution to match your demands and frequently monitor the business to ensure that you get the full benefit from the protection.  As your situation changes, we will re-assess the program to ensure its maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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