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PIB TradeRisk Solutions – Global Forecast 2019

PIB Insurance Brokers TradeRisk Solutions team specialise in Non-Payment and Political Risk insurance. These protect against the financial default of a buyer and protects the client’s assets or investments against financial loss resulting from action taken by a foreign government. Such action could lead to assets being confiscated, expropriated or nationalised.

To help you assess how the political risk landscape and predicted election results could affect your business, the Trade Risk Solutions team have compiled their inaugural Global Forecast for 2019.

Overall, 2019 will likely be a positive year for business and global economic growth. 2019 may not be dissimilar to 2018, with economists predicting steady growth. However, this positive outlook needs to be examined in more depth and at a macro level for certain areas of the world.

Our forecast examines the effects of the USA’s approach to trade, international co-operation as well as trade tensions and the countries predicted to incur higher than average economic growth.

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