TradeRisk Solutions

What we do

We listen to our clients to understand their business and identify the key trading risks they face. Our structuring of a placement is designed with the clients to complement their working practices - not impede their business. As a specialist Lloyds broker, we have access to various markets and partners globally to advise our clients of the most suitable options available. We work with SME’s through to global corporates as well as traders, banks and financial institutions to provide solutions to the risks they all face in today’s trading environment.

Our product suite

Domestic & Export Credit Insurance

For the non-payment of business trade debts and receivables on a whole portfolio of buyers, excess of loss basis or for a single buyer. Top up cover above a primary policy can also be arranged.

Structured Credit Solutions

For banks and financial institutions where cover can be arranged for trade loans, asset based finance & trade finance facilities as well as project, lease and invoice financing facilities.

Contract Frustration

To insure against losses caused by government actions or where receivables are due from a government entity under a specified contract for the sale, purchase, lease or delivery of assets, goods or services.

Political Risks Insurance

Protects a client’s assets or investments against financial loss resulting from action taken by a foreign government, which could lead to assets being confiscated, expropriated or nationalised. Deprivation, embargo and licence cancellation can also be included.

Non-Honouring of Letters of Credit

Cover can be provided either on an individual basis or on a facility for confirming banks to ensure cover on the issuing bank.

Pre-Payment & Non-Delivery Insurance

Allows a client to secure their supply chain where they have needed to make an advanced or pre-payment for materials or goods.

Surety Bonds

This can be arranged for various requirements including performance, deferred consideration, HMRC, customs & excise and environmental.

Why use us

  • Client centric focus and approach
  • Expertise in bespoke solutions
  • Global mobility
  • Independent Lloyd's Broker
  • Access to finance partners for your business
  • The insurance we arrange can improve cashflow, strengthen a balance sheet, secure receivables & assets as well as enhance credit management and financial options
  • Experience of managing insurance as credit risk mitigation under Basel II/III and BIPRU 5

Articles of Interest

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