Trust and Probate Insurance

Our Trust and Probate team can assist in resolving issues which could arise in the administration of estates, the distribution of trust and the replacement of share certificates.

What is Trust and Probate Insurance?

Trust and Probate insurance is generally split into three different types of policies depending on what is being requested as cover. The three policies are as follow:

  • Probate Insurance: a Probate Insurance policy protects professionals / lay persons with any problems that arise as a personal representative in respect of a deceased person’s estate. It can cover for the early distribution of funds after grant of representation whilst removing potential liability from the personal representative.
  • Trust Indemnities: A Trust Indemnity policy is designed to protect the trustee against any personal liability to persons whose claims cannot be met from the trust fund once the trust has been completed or amended.
  • Lost Share Certificate & Documents: If there are missing documents this can cause substantial delays and prevent transactions from completing. This inevitably causes frustration for all parties involved. This insurance policy is aimed at resolving the difficulties which could arise because of a document having been lost.

PIB will be able to assist sourcing policies for the following risks:

  • Lost Share Certificate / Documents
  • Early Distribution of Assets
  • Trust Insurance
  • Probate Insurance

What are the benefits of using us?

Our clients choose us because:

  • PIB Insurance Brokers have a strong market presence which allows us to be able to have substantial negotiations powers.
  • We can provide highly comprehensive insurance policies which are suited for each risk at hand.
  • We work with financially secure insurers.
  • We have a dedicated team at hand to answer all your questions.

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