Legal Indemnity Insurance

As one of the U.K’s most experienced legal indemnities teams, we can assist with providing a policy to meet your needs and provide our expert advice in relation thereto. 

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Legal Indemnity

What is legal indemnity insurance?

Legal indemnity insurance provides financial protection to a purchaser, seller, and lender when there is a defect in the title of a property which cannot be resolved or would represent an ongoing risk and result in financial losses. It can also reduce the time and cost involved in the conveyancing process.

If you are developing a property or completing on a transaction it would be prudent to consider a legal indemnity insurance policy as a means of mitigating the risk. With a team of experts who have strong market relationships we can work with you and negotiate with insurers so that you obtain the most suitable policy.

What does a legal indemnity insurance policy cover?

Generally, a policy will provide cover for losses such as:

  • Abortive costs of works
  • Cost of altering, demolishing and/or reinstating all or any part of the building on the property
  • Costs of a settlement
  • Damages or compensation awarded against the insured by the courts.
  • Defence costs
  • Other costs and expenses incurred with the insurer’s consent
  • Reduction in market value

Depending on the individual circumstances of a transaction, cover may also be available to cover other losses such as delays costs and loss of rental income.

Legal indemnity products:

  • Adverse possession / Possessory Title
  • Build over sewer indemnities
  • Chancel repair
  • Deed of gift/transactions at undervalue (Insolvency Act 1986)
  • Defects in title including lost deeds
  • Easements
  • Flying freehold
  • Judicial review and other planning and building regulation issues
  • Lack of adequate access and/or services
  • Lack of planning & building regulations approval
  • Leasehold problems
  • Lost documents e.g. lost share certificate
  • Mines and minerals
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Rights of light
  • Search indemnities - no search, search delay or validation of an out-of-date search
  • Title wrapper for portfolio sales
  • Trust and probate e.g. missing beneficiary

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