PIB Insurance Brokers celebrates the festive season with 24 Days of Giving

Please join us as we open our Advent calendar.

24 Days Of Giving

We are so pleased to announce the return of our 24 Days of Giving, using Advent to support local communities.

For the third consecutive year, we have invited each of our branches across the UK to nominate a charity which has a particular meaning to receive a donation. Organisations we have been able to support as part of our 24 Days of Giving have included hospices, food banks, air ambulances, homeless shelters and animal rescue centres.

PIB Insurance Brokers 24 Days of Giving is supported by the PIB Group Community Trust. The Trust was launched at the beginning of 2021, as part of the PIB Group corporate social responsibility programme.

PIB Group provides a proportion of its revenues to give to charity, enabling the Trust to offer funding to support the many charitable endeavours of our colleagues by enabling contributions to be made to their chosen charities. During the course of this year alone, the Trust expects to donate more than £250k across a wide range of charities and causes, both in the UK and overseas.

Each day from 1st December to 24th December, as part of the 24 Days of Giving initiative, we will be donating £500 to a selected charity!

We shall reveal the chosen charity every day across our social media platforms, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Please join us as we open our Advent calendar!

Day 24

It's Christmas Eve, and the final day of our 24 Days of Giving.

Today, on behalf of everyone at PIB Insurance Brokers, Steve Redgwell, CEO Retail Specialty, has nominated Challenging MND to receive a donation of £500.

Challenging MND was set up with the mission to provide financial support and assistance to those living with motor neurone disease, to complete any lasting memorable challenges or experiences. MND is a debilitating progressive disease which involves degeneration of the motor neurones and wasting of muscles.

Throughout the deterioration of the functioning of the body, the mind remains sharp and unaffected, making the importance of memorable occasions invaluable.

Challenging MND’s mission is to ensure there are no financial obstacles preventing those living with MND from creating these amazing memories.


Day 23

On Day 23 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Croydon has nominated RAMVIJ Charity Fund to receive a donation of £500.

The charity provide help to underprivileged children in Vadodara, where our India office is based and many of our colleagues work out of. A number of us have visited the area this year and seen some of the poverty first hand and so it would be great to assist alongside the opportunities that PIB as an employer provide to the local area. The charity also has a close connection to our office having been established by family members of colleagues and set up from Croydon.


Day 22

On Day 22 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Retford has nominated St. Leonard's Hospice to receive a donation of £500.

St Leonard’s Hospice provides care and support for terminally ill people, and people with life limiting illnesses. And they’ve been doing it for more than 35 years. Their patients’ needs are their priority, and their care is designed to make the best of their lives.


Day 21

On Day 21 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Reading has nominated Cruse Bereavement Support to receive a donation of £500.

Cruse's missions is that we live in a world where everyone grieving is supported, respected and understood.

They support people through one of the most painful times in life – with bereavement support, information and campaigning.


Day 20

On Day 20 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Lincoln has nominated Lincoln & Notts Air Ambulance to receive a donation of £500.

The Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance is one of the UK’s leading Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) Charities.

At a time when every second counts, the arrival of their iconic yellow helicopter really can mean the difference between life and death. They transport the equivalent of an A&E department to people suffering from the most serious of illnesses and devastating injuries, providing the best possible treatment as quickly as possible.


Day 19

On Day 19 of our 24 Days of Giving, our Specialisms Team across the UK has nominated The Brain Tumour Charity to receive a donation of £500.

At least 88,000 children and adults are currently estimated to be living with a brain tumour in the UK. And the impact can be devastating. Just 12% of adults survive for five years after diagnosis and brain tumours reduce life expectancy by an average of 27 years – the highest of any cancer. Despite this, treatments haven’t changed in 40 years and research into brain tumours is still woefully underfunded. In fact, just 3% of the money spent each year on cancer research in the UK is spent on brain tumours.

The Brain Tumour Charity are investing in more forward-thinking research, more specialist support services, and passionately lobbying for more urgent change.


Day 18

On Day 18 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Leicester has nominated me&dee to receive a donation of £500.

me&dee has a simple mission, to ensure families going through difficult and uncertain times are gifted with memories they can treasure, never losing sight of what truly matters. Because it’s those special moments shared with the ones we love, no matter how complicated circumstances may be, that are most precious of all.


Day 17

On Day 17 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Hemel Hempstead has nominated Crohn's and Colitis UK to receive a donation of £500.

Every day, people are diagnosed with Crohn's or Colitis, the two main forms of inflammatory bowel disease.

Crohn’s and Colitis UK campaigns to improve the lives of those diagnosed with IBD, a disease for which there is no cure and is life changing.  The organisation supports both professionals and those living with IBD.



Day 16

On Day 16 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Bristol has nominated Claverham and Winford Riding For The Disabled Association to receive a donation of £500.

The horses at Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) benefit the lives of over 25,000 disabled children and adults.  With fun activities like riding and carriage driving, the organisation provides therapy, fitness, skills development and opportunities for achievement – all supported by 18,000 amazing volunteers and qualified coaches at nearly 500 RDA centres all over the UK.



Day 15

On Day 15 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Gloucester has nominated City Catering Southampton to receive a donation of £500.

City Catering Southampton believes that access to good food is a right and not a privilege.

City Catering Southampton serves School Food Plan and Food for Life compliant meals in 40 of Southampton's schools whilst also delivering hot, nutritious care meals into the homes of vulnerable and elderly adults across the city.  The organisation is supported by a team of approximately 250 employees, and a small volunteer team who specifically support some of our charitable initiatives. Together, they stand by their motto of #FoodForGood.



Day 14

On Day 14 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Birmingham has nominated Birmingham Dog's Home to receive a donation of £500.

Birmingham Dogs Home cares 24 hours a day, every day of the year for stray, abandoned and relinquished dogs from across the West Midlands and South Staffordshire.

Founded in 1892 on land made available by the late Sir Alfred Gooch Bart in New Canal Street, Birmingham. Birmingham Dog’s Home has been at the forefront of animal welfare for the Midlands for almost 130 years and is one of the region’s oldest and best loved animal welfare charities.



Day 13

On Day 13 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Preston has nominated Luv Preston to receive a donation of £500.

Luv Preston is a local charity which aims to love and serve the city of Preston by providing care and support to those who find themselves disadvantaged and disconnected in the community.

Their team of volunteers home deliver food parcels weekly to those in need of emergency food provisions and work with people to refer them to other support and to help them find longer term sustainable solutions.


Day 12

On Day 12 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Altrincham has nominated The Christie Charitable Fund and Bird Charity to receive a donation of £500 each.

The Christie Charitable Fund raises money for a wide range of projects and initiatives.  Donations from supporters mean the organisation can provide enhanced services over and above what the NHS funds, including funding for a cancer information centre, wig fitting service, art room and complementary therapy.  It is also raising money for major developments including a campaign to bring blood testing closer to home.

BIRD, the Brain Rehabilitation and Development Charity, offers hope for improvement when all hope seems lost.  At BIRD, there is no distinction between types of brain injury and aim to treat people of all ages and all levels of severity.  Many people with brain injury are born with the problem due to genetic reasons or complications during pregnancy and birth. Other people suffer trauma during their life from accidents, assaults and natural disorders such as strokes.




Day 11

On Day 11 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Guernsey has nominated Mug to receive a donation of £500.

Male Uprising In Guernsey (MUG) was originally established in February 2012 as a Charitable Trust. In January 2013 MUG became the first Guernsey Foundation to be registered and its aims continue to increase awareness of male cancers and to help those who are affected by prostate, bowel and testicular cancer.


Evolve Housing

Day 10

On Day 10 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Cumbria has nominated Dalton Community Action to receive a donation of £500.

Dalton Community Action is a place for the people of Dalton to have their say on matters concerning Safety, Welfare & Amenities



Day 9

On Day 9 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Cornwall has nominated Mandown to receive a donation of £500.

Man Down is a Cornwall based non-profit Community Interest Company. They provide informal peer-support talking groups all over Cornwall for men with mental health concerns. They offer a very informal, safe and relaxed environment for men of all ages 18+ who are struggling with any kind of mental health issues. Sessions are designed to be as inclusive as possible with no judgement, only support and understanding from people who can be there to listen and support.


Evolve Housing

Day 8

On Day 8 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Chelmsford has nominated Sands to receive a donation of £500.

Sands is the UK's leading pregnancy and baby loss charity in the UK. They are there for anyone affected by pregnancy loss or the death of a baby, whenever this happened and for as long as they need support. Sands provides bereavement support services both nationally through its Freephone helpline, mobile app, online community and resources, and locally through a UK-wide network of around 100 regional support groups


Evolve Housing

Day 7

On Day 7 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Liverpool has nominated St. Joseph’s Hospice to receive a donation of £500.

St. Joseph’s Hospice provides care and support to over 200 people with life limiting conditions from within the West Lancashire, Sefton, Liverpool and Knowsley areas. The hospice has 31 patient rooms providing high quality end of life and long-term care and is situated in 12 acres of beautiful woodland. Its nurse-led service helps create a home from home environment for patients and provides ongoing support to their families.


Evolve Housing

Day 6

On Day 6 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in London has nominated Evolve Housing to receive a donation of £500.

Evolve Housing provides housing and support to over 1,000 people impacted by homelessness in London every year. They deliver personal support built around each person’s unique strengths, aspirations and goals. By doing so, they aim to help them move away from homelessness and into independence, for good.


Bradford Memories Cafe

Day 5

On Day 5 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Halifax has nominated Bradford Memories Cafe to receive a donation of £500.

Bradford Memories Cafe is a dementia friendly group that meets weekly to laugh, entertain, educate and support its members who either live with Dementia (at any stage of the disease) and for the carers of the loved ones, friends or colleagues of those individuals living with Dementia and/or associated illnesses.


The Island

Day 4

On Day 4 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in York has nominated The Island to receive a donation of £500.

Based in York, the organisation provides islands of space and time for vulnerable children and young people; building confidence, self-esteem and unlocking potential through positive mentoring relationships and unique programmes.

Big C

Day 3

On Day 3 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Norwich has nominated Big C to receive a donation of £500.

Big C helps to improve the lives of those affected by cancer.

The organisation helps thousands of people across Norfolk and beyond, who are affected by cancer.

Big C provides support, research, education and equipment from diagnosis, through treatment and life beyond cancer.


Alzheimer Scotland

Day 2

On Day 2 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Glasgow has nominated Alzheimer Scotland to receive a donation of £500.

Alzheimer Scotland is Scotland’s national dementia charity. Its aim is to make sure nobody faces dementia alone, and provides support and information to people with dementia, their carers and families

The organisation campaigns for the rights of people with dementia and funds vital dementia research.

Doorways Derby

Day 1

On Day 1 of our 24 Days of Giving, our branch in Derby has nominated Doorways Derby to receive a donation of £500.

Doorways Derby aims to help and support those in financial difficulties along with their street kitchen visitors and anybody in a vulnerable position to make sure nobody goes hungry. The organisation is supported by supermarkets, businesses, the general public and other charities.

Alongside this, Doorways Derby helps direct visitors to the appropriate authorities and associates to help deal with any financial, medical or well-being issues.