How can Hauliers avoid escalating insurance premiums?

Wayne Hardy, Haulage Director of PIB Insurance Brokers looks at common mistakes that may be multiplying the cost of claims

Hauliers Claims

It stands to reason, there must be a robust claims management process in place to manage losses as and when they occur. In the event of an accident, both driver and the transport office need to follow an efficient process that covers every stage of the claim through to completion.

To illustrate the point, we’ve created a typical situation, in which an insured driver hits the back of a third-party vehicle. The three different outcomes are based on real life scenarios that we have encountered - ranging from the good to the bad and the ugly - demonstrating the impact, on a sliding scale, of poor practice.

The solution, as we have shown in the infographic below, is simple and involves the implementation of a standardised procedure at the time of an incident, thereby managing the situation right from the start.

PIB’s Haulage & Logistics specialist, Wayne Hardy, has many years’ experience working within the haulage sector and has an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced. Acutely aware of the need to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, Wayne and his team are keen to help.

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