WIN Logistics Partnership

PIB Insurance Brokers announces new partnership with WIN Logistics

WIN Logistics Partnership

WIN Logistics Partnership

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PIB Insurance Brokers are delighted to announce that we have formed a partnership with WIN Logistics combining a wealth of strength and experience to help support the Haulage and Logistics industry.

As part of our commitment to helping an industry we are passionate about, working with WIN Logistics has enabled us to develop a tailored and all-encompassing insurance and risk management solution for its customers. It is vital that businesses offset risk with the correct insurance solutions, which we can help identify and advise on.

Ross Barnitt, Regional Development Director at PIB Insurance Brokers, commented: ‘We are delighted to be working in partnership with WIN Logistics. We both share a mission to help business owners navigate through tough times, and guide through the best times. Through combining our knowledge and expertise, together we can support a vital industry.’

Nick Winder, Group Managing Director of WIN Logistics, commented: ‘WIN Logistics was established to help a vital industry, which faces ever-increasing service expectations, and pressures from continued political, technological and societal change. By partnering with PIB Insurance Brokers, we can continue to support our customers in such rapidly changing times, helping to protect their businesses.’

For more information, please contact Ross Barnitt, Regional Development Director or call 07522230384